I think cancer has killed more of Earth’s creatures than any war.

In my lifetime it has killed;

My maternal grandmother
My 2nd uncle
My favorite aunt
A friend/cousins sweet little Cocker
A friend/cousins cat
Several cousins
My best friend
And now it is killing my 13 year old, otherwise perfectly healthy cat.
It is inopperable unless they remove the entire shoulder and left foreleg.
At her age, she might die on the opperating table.
If she lived, she would have learn to be a tripod.
I prefer to let her live till there is no quality life left for her, then when
She either is in pain, won’t eat, or loses her mind as some cancer victim animals do,
Or attacks me or my other cat, I will take her to the vet and grant her peace.
She has been my loyal companion for thirteen years.
On that day, when she passes through the veil, and rises to the Rainbow Bridge
She will take a great chunk of my heart with her.
She, less than any above, deserves this horrible disease.
NO ONE should have to have this disease.
When will they find a real cure?



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